Driving decisions through data: The Future of Higher Education in Australia

As Australian universities steer their way through a complex set of national and international changes and an emerging new higher education model, it’s the right time to consider how data helps support effective decision making in the disruptive marketplace.

Capitalising on the opportunities presented by intelligent data analysis has the potential to unleash a variety of financial and performance related benefits ensuring the future prosperity of Australia’s economy.

In Microsoft’s mission to empower the world through technology – and ahead of the rules coming into force – we are working with institutions to take action today by laying the foundations for a digital future.

Download this report to learn

  • How RMIT and Stetson University leveraged data to achieve their ambitions of global excellence.

  • Three core strategies to capitalise on the opportunities made possible through more intelligent data analytics.

Download the free report to learn more.

Download the free report.

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